So you want to try canoeing or kayaking, but you are thinking, what do I need?

Well, below are a few suggestions as to how you can get started.

As a club, we have a lot of gear which you can hire for the evening or the day for a small charge. This gives you the opportunity to see if canoeing or kayaking is your thing. If you decide that kayaking is for you, you may wish to invest in some kit (detailed below) that will be beneficial  to you in the medium to long term.

Paddling Outdoors

Wetsuit…These come in different styles but the usual rule of thumb is short sleeve for summer and long sleeve for winter and around 3mm thick.

Thermal Vest…A thermal vest during the autumn, winter and spring months is a good investment.

Buoyancy Aid…These are available from the club, but depending on which paddling discipline you enjoy you may want to invest in your own.

Helmet…Again these are available from the club

Cag…These we have, but again you may want to invest in your own. There are two types, one which is light weight and is shower proof, but if you go in you’ll be wet through. Then there’s the dry cag which offers greater waterproofing against what the weather throws at you and what the river throws at you.

Spraydeck…These are for kayaks only. The club has a number for the boats we have, but if you do enjoy the sport and finally invest in a boat, then would be a great time to buy your own.

Wet boots/socks…If you do get yourself a wetsuit when you start, get yourself a pair of wet boots or socks they are great.

Warm Clothing…At the end of any river trip, please make sure you bring a towel and a warm set of clothes to change into, this is essential.

Food, Hot Drink & energy bars…During any long paddling trip we will stop off for lunch or a break so remember to bring a drink, food and energy bars. These are very important especially a drink. A hot drink is great when you get to the end of the trip, particularly if it’s been a cold one.

Indoor Paddling

During the winter months we spend time in the pool and for this you’ll just need your swin wear.


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