In alphabetical order

Jack Barnes

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Nicki Chambers

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John Cowie aka ‘Mr C’

John CowieJohn is our Club Treasurer and is a BCU Level 3 Coach in both Kayak and Canoe and an assessor of Foundation Safety & Rescue Training.  John started canoeing at age 40, (a few years ago now!) after watching the Matlock Raft Race on Boxing Day.

“Once I got ‘hooked’ it prompted me to obtain the skills to get the local Boys Brigade companies involved in the sport”.

In recent years John has preferred open boating to kayak as a personal choice.  “I enjoy everything about the sport and wish I had started in my teenage years in the way new paddlers can today.  My best paddling experiences have often included our Club President and Founder Norman Crowson; the most notable being on my first river trip in an open canoe down the River Swale when a rather large tree ‘jumped out’ and ‘ate’ my boat swallowing it underneath a bough and hanging on to it and trying not to let go.  Hey ho, happy days too many to name!  Having spent more than 30 years in the fire service using water at work and enjoying water in leisure seemed to be a logical pairing!”

Simon Cozens

Simon CozensSimon has been paddling since 2002. He’s a coach UKCC level 2 and enjoys assisting both the senior coaches and the youngsters who come along the club. Enjoys River Running and Playboating.

Has been on some fantastic river trips over the years with the Tryweryn, the Leven, the Washburn, the Tees and the Soca river in Slovenia being some of the most memorable.

Simon is also the Clubs Welfare Officer and below highlights his duties:

A Club Welfare Officer should help their club to promote a person focused environment. They do this by raising awareness of what a safe and positive environment is like, and how people should behave to ensure everyone at the club enjoys their involvement in sport.

Club Welfare Officers are trained in safeguarding and child
protection. They also have links with British Canoeing Safeguarding
and Welfare staff who can be contacted for advise or to report any
concerns at the club.

If you are worried about how you or someone else is being treated
at your club by another young person or adult, you should speak to
your Club Welfare Officer or for immediate confidential advice you
can contact:

NSPCC 0808 800 5000 http://www.nspcc.org.uk
Childline 0800 1111 http://www.childline.org.uk
Supportline 01708 765200 http://www.supportline.org.uk

My contact details are simoncozens1066@gmail.com

Steve Lomas

Steve LomasSteve has been paddling since autumn 2007 when he spent a weeks holiday at Symonds Yat watching paddlers on the rapids having great fun. The most eventful trip he has been on was the infamous  club trip on the river Greta November 2009 (ask him about it!). He went back to finish it the following year. He is a qualified UKCC Level 2 coach. Enjoys paddling kayaks and canoes.

Andy ‘Padge’ Pagett

Andy PagettPadge is a UKCC level 1 coach, who joined the club in 2011 after becoming hooked whilst completing his 1 star award through Scouts.  His favourite aspect of the sport is whitewater kayaking, and although he won’t admit it, he does enjoy open canoeing.   Padge is also the Club Secretary, Assistant Webmaster, Facebook admin, assists John organising trips, and hasn’t learned to say “no” when someone says “can you just….”

Philip Spackman

Philip SpackmanPhilip is the Club’s senior coach and coaching officer, and looks after the training and qualification needs of the club’s members whilst also being on hand to organise, run and support some of our more adventurous river trips.

Caren Taylor


Caren has been canoeing and kayaking since the age of 10. As a teenager she has enjoyed slalom and competed in division 2. Now she prefer trips with an element of expedition especially if she gets to rough camp or cook over a fire.
Caren has been a Level 2 coach since 2005 working particularly closely with the Girl Guides for several years.
She enjoys encouraging those who are not naturally drawn to the sport to have a go.

Joseph Wilson

Information to follow

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